Me and Florida Evans

 So…..I wore an outfit last week…..

 Welp, let me back up a little. I purchased a turban a while back. It was a red one and I loved it. Had no idea how I would rock it, though I had been seeing ladies randomly through them on. When I purchased it, I was thinking more on the line of a fortune teller’ish outfit, pairing it with jeans, clogs, and a wide sleeved kimono. But that didn’t happen. What happened was me doing my food shopping knowing I had a date with hubby later on that night. While gathering eggs, veggies, and pop tarts, I thought, hmmm, I’m gonna wear my turban tonight.   I also thought, hmmm, I do not feel like dealing with my closet today. It had become a little disheveled over the last week and in need of a tidy.   And I was running behind on my errands which meant I needed to hurry up, get home, and get ready.

So I’m home, showered, sitting in my undies looking at my prized red turban. Then I thought about that bright orange kind of too big shift dress I got from old navy sitting in my return to the store basket I have. So I ran upstairs to my closet, picked up the dress, and looked around my closet to see what I had to pull it all together. And there it was, hanging way in the back on my upper rack a pretty-to-me ugly’ish shirt with tiny flowers all over it. I grabbed a vintage looking bag and sandals to match and an outfit was born.

 A face beat and brush of the hair later I stood in the mirror looking back at a circa 1950’s southern woman on her way to the big city by bus for the first time. A 1940’s woman going on an arranged date. A 1930’s woman on her way to the speakeasy in the woods to get her groove on. A bad impression of Florida Evans going out with James. Whatever I was or could of been, I was stepping out dressed to the nine’s….I thought.

 Now….the thing is, some people close to me wished to the Gawwwwds this outfit never saw the light of day. I posted a headshot pic on instagram and facebook and my girlfriends had a fit (behind my back). That wasn’t nothing compared to when I finally posted a pic of my whole look. I now know one of my best friends fell out on the floor—had to be revived! Told me over drinks yesterday that I should never leave my husband cuz’ if he took me out with that outfit on, and held my hand walking down the street, that he truly loved me. “That Is A Good Man!”, She shouted as my other girlfriends laughed as the pic of me on her cell was passed around. They didn’t get to me though. I liked my outfit (at the time) —Kanye shrug.


About my husband…Maybe I should consider him and my bi-polar fashion sense more when we go out. Although sometimes, eccentric, outrageous, and just straight up….nevermind, he has never batted an eye until I came in the bedroom announcing I was ready with that turban on. I don’t’ know if it was the turban, the mix of colors, or both, but he did kind of fell back and placed his hand on his heart like Fred Sanford did when he thought he was going to join Elizabeth. When I asked him what was the problem, the menacing way that can be, he simply shook his head wide eyed and said, “nothing baby. I just never seen you wear that kinda thing on your head before.” Then he took my hand, kissed my cheek, and said “lets go.” My girlfriend was right about one thing. He IS a Keeper!

xoxo—The Madam X

turban 2 turban_head turban1

Sex Music

I Love that “Sex Music” song by tank.  It came on this morning and my mind took me places!  I don’t know about you, but I can be a daydreamer at times.  And a song like that makes me think about all the hot, sexy, badgirlicious things I am Not doing in the bedroom as often as I should.  You know how it is—-long work hours, kids, errands, having to come home and cook meat (#teamvegan) for dinner cause your Bae likes it, by the time you two meet for slumber, the last thing on your mind be that daydream you had earlier.  So then you have a quickie that night or in the morning.  And yeah, there are times you light the candles, play love songs gently in the background, and that’s sweet.  That’s a real nice romantic time.  But I’m talking about something else.  That something else in the daydream I had when “Sex Music” came on.  Honeyyyy, in my mind I was dressed in a Beyonce bodysuit walking through my bedroom breaking shit…with a whip…demanding acts…twerkin’on a bedazzled pole!  There was hot passion in my “Sex Music” daydream and while yes, there is passion in my bedroom—thank you very much, as a married, career chasing wife, mom, cook, cleaner, and guidance counselor, I will be the first to admit that my husband and I could stand to crank it up at times.  So this weekend when I light the candles, I am going to forego the romantic love songs and play some “Sex Music”.  Heck, I might just get me a bodysuit….ok maybe not.  But what is for certain is that there will be a little twerkin’:)

Oh, and here’s a little “Sex Music” for you too.  Put it on, and thank me later! 

xoxo—The Madam X


Things I’m Loving Thursday!


I love Thursday’s!  I mean…. who doesn’t love the day before Friday.  If you are generally a weekday 9-5’er like me, and are known for taking off on Friday, or taking half days on Friday, or working hard and late on Thursday so your Friday can be a “light work got plenty of time to shop the internet” day, Thursdays totally rock since its basically your precursor to the weekend.  So as an ode to loving Thursdays, I bring to you things I’m loving this Thursday!

1. Kraft Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing – Yes!  It’s good!  Saying a lite almost vinagrette’ish dressing hits the spot is big for me, as I am a double baptize my salad in blue cheese all day girl!  But as I find my way to making my own low calorie raw dressings, this will totally be happening!

 2. My Parderno World Cuisine Spiraler  – When I tell you this little gadget right here is everything, I mean it from the bottom of my heart!  It has saved me from consuming platefuls of Pasta of which I then fall out on the couch in an “ummm that was delish” coma (which really ain’t a problem for me….but my growing behind begs to differ).  Thanks to my Paderno, I am having fun making and eating Voodles (veggie noodles), which by the way are quite tasty topped with sensible pasta sauce, or chili, and fat free shredded cheese.  Have seconds and thirds with no guilt!

3. Clear “see through” purses are back in style and the collection Dooney and Bourke launched has made me throw down the plastic (haha—pun unintended).  I opted for the clear signature DB cosmetic bag and large shopper.  The cosmetic bag is a perfect size clutch for a night on the town and the shopper perfect for the beach or poolside.  Available in clear and black.

4. With all the makeup franchise stores and high-end choices available in makeup, I forgot all about what I started out wearing when I first got into makeup.  Back then (don’t ask how far) you were that chick if you got your makeup from the Fashion Fair counter, and your scent from Clinique.  My girlfriend and I lived for the Fashion Fair counter.  Fashion Fair had a pretty decent product for women of color, so I decided since it has been a while, why not go back to my roots.  I picked up a gorgeous pallet on the cheap off of this ebay seller,  and grabbed an eye shadow in Solid Gold (I like the purple too…hmmm) from the online store.  And since it is summer, maybe I will get me some Clinique Happy for old times sake.  That summer scent and the memories that come with it are priceless!

xoxo—The Madam X



Madam X Style File

I’ll admit, I’m a sale rack whore!  Unless I’m looking for something specific, you can find me any free weekend making rounds rummaging the sale racks from Lord and Taylor down to Kmart.  You never know what you will find. Candles, kitchen gadgets you don’t need, Christmas gifts way before time to be thinking about Christmas, it’s all to be had on the sale rack!  But something else I do find a lot are lil’dresses.  Poor lil’ cute things nobody wanted.  If not over 7 bucks, I usually grab these up and use them for house sitting.  As I wouldn’t really wear them out anywhere because I find them made cheaply, or ugly cute (you know you got some ugly things you find cute in your closet), they are perfect for sitting around the house and looking cute’ish for my boo.  They also are perfect for weekend early morning farmer’s market runs, as a cover up, or a beach stroll.  As I was taking summer clothes out for the season, I came across a specific lil’ dress I used in Vegas as a cover up at the pool a few years back.  My son wanted me to run him to the mall right quick, so it ended up being a quick outfit.  Dressed up it actually didn’t look too bad.  In any case, it’s going to stay a house sitting, cover up, early morning market run dress, but it dressed up well as you can see.  Got cheap lil’ dresses hanging around?  Maybe you may find some life for it, if only for one day or night.

xoxo—The Madam X

$7 Dress from Dots, Bag by Ashley Stewart, Denim shirt from Forever 21, Denim kicks by Bucco.


blues2Blues 3Blues

This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day—my earliest memories of it make me smile as this day officially kicks off the summer season.  Music, BBQ’s, water plugs, and block parties (yup, I remember when).   As we kick off Memorial Day weekend, the recent events regarding the treatment of our countries soldiers has me reflecting on its real purpose. Declaration Day, as it was formally named, is a day born in remembrance for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for serving our country.  It is disheartening that after serving our country, that a need of medical care is not given causing a soldiers demise.  There is simply no excuse for this—ever!  My prayers go out to those families victimized by the country they believed in, served and sacrificed for.  As my anger seeps, I take solace remembering to make Peace, not War, and having faith that Our America will fix whatever phuckery took place—- to ensure this never happens again.   This Memorial Day weekend, as you fire up the grill and gather with your families, take a moment to pray for our fallen soldiers and their families.  Take a moment to hug your babies tighter, kiss your boo a little longer, and enjoy the music.  Music is Love and as you know, Love is sometimes all we have, all we need. 

Here is my gift to you, an ultimate Memorial Day Weekend playlist that will having you doing just that! Ready to kick it off?  My 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s babies—I got you all covered.

xoxo—The Madam X


Madam X Style File

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Yes, I have big girl confidence, but it ain’t always cheerleaders and cheerios.  In my head sometimes I stress out about how I look, do I look too fat…., especially when I step out with my guy.  The day I wore this outfit was one of those days I was in my head.   But after looking at pics, she, me, her, just turned out looking fine.  About the look—the Jacket is a closet favorite—a Jessica Simpson investment piece from Macy’s I got last year.  Jeans are from YMI, supposedly booty enhancing.  They were pricier than I like to pay for Jeans, about $60, but I like them.  Sheer top and bra from Ashley Stewart, Leather and Python chain clutch by Kenneth Cole (snatched that up from their Vegas store), and booties by Flexx Italiano.  Sometimes we need to stay out of our head and just show up accepting ourselves for who and where we are.  Yes, learning to do more of that!

xoxo—The Madam X


Madam X Check In

Blog Pic 0502

Soooo….I just started this blog not too long ago, and have already neglected it. Not by choice, just by life. Yup, life is happening and right now in a good way. Been some rain for a while, but as only God can, there is now love and light shining through my window. We all know the saying, but I am here to tell you…. If it had not been for the Lord on my side, I don’t know where I would be. I am sure we all have our testimonies (Hallelujah!).

Anywho, I have been saving some things to post. Hopefully now that school is almost over and I will be taking a summer break, I can get them posted. Between school, getting the mini mansion cleaned, organized, and staged for sale (Lord please let somebody buy this house soon!), work, trying to be a good wife, keeping the boy supported his first year of college, family drama, and the first stages of menopause, I have been crazy busy, stressed and bi-polar. And then because I was feeling depressed for no good reason and worthless (yup…there it is….bi-polar), unloved (if hubby reads this he gonna be like, really?!!), and like I had something to prove, I relentlessly sought my next career move and after months of “nopes”, got a “yes hunty”, we would love to have ya! So yeah, I got a new Job and just wrapped up my first week. It’s gonna be some work delivering my organizations system of the future over the next few years, but I am up for the challenge. I like my new Job and so far they seem to like me. So yeah, besides the new gig—Summer is coming and I get a moment to breathe, be creative, concentrate on me, and Love on my guys.  I get a moment to be just me! Hope you all get some moments to do the same.

Love, Light, and Blessings!  xoxo The Madam X


My Old Navy Hot Picks

Blog Collage 1 ON

I always find a few good staple pieces at Old Navy.  The fact that they have sales almost weekly ensures I shop them often.  Items at ON vary in quality.  If you ever shopped there,  you already know some things are made better than others.  But as the budget line of the GAP/Banana Republic helm, that can be expected. 

I do a lot of my ON shopping online.  Returns are easy, as you can return items to any ON store. ON also offers online exclusive items, and plus sizes for Women and Men that are not available in store.

I am weird shaped, so my normal sizing at any store ranges from a size 16 to a 20 depending on the cut.  At ON I border between a XL/16 and XXL/18 in the regular women’s sizing.  ON sizing and cut on certain items are sometimes off.  You may need a different size in the same item of another color, and some stuff is just not cut quite right.  In as much, don’t let that deter you from grabbing up some cool pieces.  Oh, and pick up a pair of the rockstar mid-rise jeans.  They totally, totally, rock!

These are the staple pieces I purchased last week.  ON was running a 30% off sale, so I got everything for about $150….maybe less.

This military inspired jacket can be dressed up or down.  And with it being very lightweight, it can be layered when colder outside, or worn alone when the temperature is just right!  It’s available in three colors—-I copped mine in Arugula (aka Army green).

This nautical inspired dress comes in several colors.  It’s not too short so perfect for work, business, and church.  I opted for the black and white stripes and plan to dress it up for work with a chunky necklace, a bright blazer, and nude pumps:)

I just love a long shirt or short dress—The pairings are endless!  Besides wearing it alone if you are feeling daring, you can wear it over a longer dress, with a skirt, dress slacks, or jeans.  I envisioned about 10 different outfits when I saw this Tunic.  Comes in black and white.  I went with the black but may love it enough to get the white as well;)

I love being stylish and comfy and these pants definitely are that.  I can dress these up for work, rock them casually with sandals, and run errands looking fly!  Comes in several colors but I went with the classic black.

This tote is just perfect for everything!  Period!  I went with the Tan but the Snake is also calling my name…..

These booties in a Vanilla’ish color are darling.  I already see myself wearing them with flirty skirts, midi skirts, and dresses.  I loved them so much I even gifted a pair to a friend!

Happy Shopping!  xoxo The Madam X


Madam X Style File

This past Saturday was a lovely day.  It turned out to be the calm before yet another snow storm—but it was rather mild and the sun was out giving me a kiss of the spring to come.  I had some Ikea shopping to do and after that, a much needed date with my Guy.  Walking Ikea needed comfort, and my date needed cuteness.  To achieve both, I started my outfit off with a pair of tufted wedge sneakers—one of my latest buys from Hautelook (Speaking of Hautelook, if you are not a subscriber, I urge you to go over there and sign up to get in on some of the awesome deals they have).  My dark denim skinny jeans I copped from Forman Mills, another place I go to hunt for random pieces.  For my top, I choose to pattern mix pairing a paisley cami with a sheer flowered top.  I finished the look with a faux leather cap and a tufted-ish satchel by Betsy Johnson.  Like most of my looks, I didn’t plan it in advance.  I’m never sure how the end result will be, but more often than not I get it to feel right the first try.  Spontaneity just works best for me.  I have my own style even when I try to duplicate a look.  And that’s just the thing with style, don’t be afraid to step outside the box, or get creative, but most of all, just be You!  xoxo—The Madam X


Madam X Style File

Soooo, it was nice this past weekend!  After months of snow, ice, working from home, and me not feeling nothing fashion wise other than pajamas and sweats, a nice day appeared.  Since it was such a “break out” day, I decided to run errands and find a few deals in style.

 Soooo, about the look—There was really no real thought put into it.  I grabbed a few items I had in view and topped it off with a hat.  I love mixing up patterns and I love leopard (Ya think?  Take a look at my instagram, lol).  Like camouflage, it really does go with everything.  I have yet put it with something that I could not make work out.  And as far as pattern mixing goes, my rule is, there is none.  If it feels good on, then go for it!  xoxo—The Madam X  

Brown Leather Jacket from Macy’s.  Hat, Shirt, and Boots from Target,  Jeans from Old Navy (mid-rise skinny), Tote by Calvin Klein.

20140309_122255-1 20140309_122423 20140309_122429 20140309_122351